Home Remedies for Dogs with worms

Many of the home remedies for dogs have been known for a long time because of their ability to treat disorders and illnesses in dogs. Dog worms are not such a fatal illness in the start, but they can turn to be quite dangerous when one fails to take action. In many cases, dog owners ignore due to the cost involved, but home remedies have made it easier and cheaper. It is crucial to check and understand the problem that the dog has and try to seek for a solution for it. Below are some of the eHome remedies that one can use to treat a dog right at home.  Many of the materials we will discuss here are readily available and are easy to find.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are one of the most used remedies used for dogs with hookworms and tapeworms. This remedy was previously used by the Native Americans to treat urinary, and kidney problems and they have since been used for parasite treatment. The seeds of a pumpkin have been proved to be an effective remedy for eliminating worms both on animals and on human beings. Get a fine powder by grinding the seeds by the use of a grinder and mix one teaspoon with ten pounds of the dog's food. The seeds have amino acids and cucurbitacin that’s helps in the elimination of worms from the dogs.


Garlic is the other home remedy that you can use to do away with worms in dogs. It is readily available, and it will not cost you much if you have to buy it. Get one clove of garlic and grate it to the dogs’ fennel before they feed. This type of herbs potent and thus you are advised to be moderate when giving it to the dogs. The number of cloves to use will depend on the weight of your dog. On top of eliminating the worms in dogs, it also boosts the dog's immune system.


For centuries this herb has been used as a dewormer. It is known for getting rid of roundworms, threadworms, tapeworms and other parasites from the dogs’ body. These herbs have a serious effect on the nervous system of the dog, and thus you should take a lot of care during administration. It should not be dispensed to pregnant dogs or dogs with kidney and liver diseases. Add quarter a teaspoon to the dogs’ food and do not use more. It is advisable that you use this remedy when under the supervision of a vet for they will ensure that is used in the best care.

The best way that you can guarantee that your dogs are free from worms is through prevention. It is crucial you take your part and ensure that you control the environment where the dog is living and deworm them regularly. Deworming will ensure that the worms are dealt with when they are still in the early stages. You can also try your best to prevent the dog from having a social meeting with other animals.  

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